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You Can’t Sell Your Books Without Positive Reviews. You Can’t Get A Flood Of Positive Reviews Without This Software.

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Dear Frustrated Author,

The first time I sat down in front of a blank page, looking at the blinking cursor on that Word document, and KNOWING that I had hundreds of pages, and hundreds of THOUSANDS of words to write before I could consider myself a real author was terrifying… 

I felt even more afraid when I FINISHED my work and it was time to promote. 

I realized that I had a whole lot of work to do.And unlike writing, it wasn’t work I’d practiced, or work I was equipped for. 

The average writer has to write SEVEN novels before they can break into traditional publishing. It takes so much time and energy. And when you start to promote, you realize you’re out of your depth at EVERY stage.  

A normal person CAN’T write a book and schmooze for reviews at the same time.

  • 85% of Amazon Kindle readers look to book reviews before deciding to purchase. (
  • Consumers read an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business in 2017, up from 6 reviews in 2016. 
  • Customers who interact, see reviews and answers to buyers questions are 105% more likely to buy. (Bazaarvoice, Conversation Index, Q2 2011) 
  • Consumer reviews are about 12 times more trusted than messages directly from the seller. (eMarketer, February 2010)
  • Reviews produce an average of 18% uplift in sales. (Reevoo)

You’re entering a world of paid advertisements and begging people you might have only met once or twice to help get your book off the ground. 

And the more you work, the more you realize… 

 There is NOTHING you can say or write or do that’s as important as getting those reviews. There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of new books in the Kindle Store every year, and most of them sell under a hundred copies. When you think of all the effort these authors went through to bring their work to life, the deepest ideas of their hearts and minds, only to be ignored, it’s heartbreaking.

  They might as well have taken that book, highlighted the text, clicked DELETE and flushed all their time away. Luckily for you, you will NEVER have to feel that way if you read this page. I’m not afraid of writing a book anymore.

  I know I can write any book of length, of any complexity, in any word count, and it’ll find an audience. Because I’ve got experience – AND I’ve got a system, and a tool that nobody else online has. 


So I feel bad when I see new books in my niche going unseen and unread… But I know I’ll never be in that situation. 

Today, I want to share that tool with you, let you see how it works, let you put your hands on it with NO RISK and see the results for yourself. 

And this is something you can’t get or find anywhere else online. This is not some weird chintzy ebook about social manipulation.

But without it, you’ll be a big fat ZERO. See, when readers go on Amazon, they don’t want to take chances on something new unless it has massive high reviews from a LOT of people.


It’s the first thing people see, and they’re trying to figure out, before they know the title and the description and the fancy cover – whether this book is going to deliver on what it promises. A book can have all the best packaging in the world, but with no reviews, nobody trusts it. 


Because the better your reviews are, and the faster they come in, the more help that Amazon gives you in your category. 

I care a lot about you reaching your goals as an author… but Amazon doesn’t. They just want to sell books.

So it’s natural that the books that are getting views, reviews and sales get a bump on Amazon’s algorithm, and the ones that are struggling get left behind on the deeper, darker pages. 

They even get extra space in the “top rated” category. When you throw in the fact that (usually) only the well-reviewed books show up in the “Customers Also Bought” tabs, and get in front of your readers eyes over and over again, it becomes clear…

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 

And it’s very tough to get those reviews ethically. I’ve been there – glued to my chair on launch day, hitting refresh every fifteen seconds, hoping for a new sale, hoping for a positive review, but even among the people that buy, there’s just a crippling APATHY.  

Most people, once they’ve bought a book, they’ve already GOT what they want. They’re onto their own busy lives and they’re going to forget all about you. 

And in the face of that, you can try SO many different things…

Beg your friends and family

Go on Forums and Facebook groups and ask for review

Go on review swapping sites


Go on Fiverr or other like sites and buy reviews  


Have KDP Select days and cross our fingers and hope for the best

Contact The Almighty Vine Reviewers 

(who get swamped with requests every day...and they are not even targeted!)



It was a grueling process – you’d have to find books similar to yours, click each individual reviewer, and get their contact information. We’re talking five or ten minutes per person, and your time melting away with a quickness.

 Hours or days spent doing this yourself, or paying someone hundreds of dollars that you probably don’t have to do grunge work.

 So if you want to get targeted reviews from people who are in the 1% of elites who actually give your books a higher profile, you’re out of luck. 

Unless you have my solution…  

It’s called Book Review Targeter.

It’s EASY to use, the results are perfect. You can feel the time you’re saving and get to work actually bringing in reviews instead of hunting for contact information piecemeal. Trust me, if you’ve ever done things the old way… you’ll NEVER want to go back. Seeing is believing, so watch the demo video below… 

Using Book Review Targeter Is Easy... (Just 4 Steps)

A job that could take you or an outsourcer HOURS is now done ALL AUTOMATED in just minutes! It's done in just 4 steps...

Step 1: Search For A Book Under Title, Author, Genre or ASIN #

Step 2: Select The Book You Want To Find Reviewers by Pressing The Plus Button

Step 3: Sit Back and Let The Tool Do Its Job. An email will arrive in your inbox when the results are ready! 

Step 4: Follow The Easy Process To Quickly Contact Your New Targeted List of Reviewers Using The Fill In The Blank Templates Provided! It's Really That Easy! 

It’s Really Simple, More Reviews Means More Money. This Tool Helps You Get Those Reviews So Much Faster. And they’re reviews Amazon trusts, of the highest quality! We’re not talking about stuff from “reviewer clubs” mostly made of other authors, and we’re not talking about flighty social media stuff. You’re not spending all day retweeting stuff and getting farther and farther from your real goal. 

Instead, you’re in cruise control. You’re targeted the most frequent reviewers in your niche. You can visit their websites and social media to learn more about them (yes, this software does that as well), and you even have the option of seeing their average star rating so you can find the most enthusiastic reviewers.

Book Review Targeter Includes

Pick Your Plan Below

Basic Plan

🌀 Pro Plan

  • 500 Reviewers Per Week

These reviewers are waiting to speak with you and probably won't find your book without Book Review Targeter. The reviewer information will be in the form of Social links and Websites which is info that is public on Amazon. 

  • Same Day Results Notification

Some results in our system load faster than others. Know beforehand the results that will come in right away versus the ones that will take longer to get to you Learn More 

  • Results Sorting

Only reach out to the best reviewers (4&5 stars). The system will automatically let you export the best reviewers to contact to avoid contacting negative reviewers Learn Me

  • Reviewer Templates 

Always know what to say to reviewers with our templates and strategies that work!

  • Facebook Group Access Get latest cutting edge info on Reviews and Review Policies  
  • Advanced Book Review Training The process of getting Reviews is evolving. In focusing on reviews for the past 7 years, I'll share the advanced strategies I've developed that work great and are best practices  
  • 3 Amazing Review Getting Bonuses You Don't Want To Miss! - See below

Book Review Targeter New Standard Yearly: Personal License
  • Everything In Basic Plan 
  • 1000 Reviewer Searches Per Week Instead of 500, now you get 1000 searches PER WEEK! Enjoy more searches per week to get access to even more reviewers QUICKER. The reviewer information will be in the form of Social links and Websites which is info that is public on Amazon.  
  • BRT Web Crawler Many reviewers provide their website on their Amazon Profile. Where we can, our special BRT Crawler will crawl their website and fetch the email address (when present) for you without you lifting a finger! Learn More
  • Book Description Generator Tool Design beautiful and HIGH CONVERTING book descriptions for Amazon include bolding, italics, underlines, all different headline sizes and bullets. This sells books! Old book descriptions are boring! Learn More  
  • Done for you Virtual Assistant Training I've done all the work already. All you need to do is share the training with your VA and I will handle the rest. Don't waste your time learning every single detail just to train someone else.  
  • 🎬Vidmonial Software (More Below) Helps you get powerful video testimonials Learn More
  • 🔥🔥NEW - Search Wizard - Get Searches A LOT Quicker without having to search book by book. Learn More 
  • 🔥🔥NEW - Template Wizard - Contact reviewers on social platforms at lightning speed with our built in templates Learn More
  • 🔥🔥Brand NEW 2022 - Double Up Club Access - Debbie's monthly club helps you convert better and make more sales and get more subscribers. Includes a LIVE MONTHLY CALL for anything you need help with.
Book Review Targeter New Standard Yearly: Personal License

🌀(below) denotes features that are available in the Pro plan.

More About The Pro Plan

Here Are The Additional Features That Are Included So You Can Sell More Books (and have an advantage) 👇👇



Adding reviews can be a highly effective way of increasing your sales. Reviews mean credibility, period. But reviews aren’t just about volume, they’re about quality. You want your customers to tell stories show the real emotional impact and real results your book has had.

Where can you use video testimonials?  

  • Amazon (videos make your book stand out from the rest!)
  • Your Websites 
  • Squeeze Pages  
  •  YouTube (Testimonials rank really well on Google) 
  • Other Websites  


The problem is, asking people for a video could be tough...until now. Vidmonial gives your reviewers the technology to easily create videos right from tool. This is a set and forget process for you with little to no work on your part! 

Here's How It Works  

🌀Search And Template Wizards

Get Results Quicker. Communicate With Reviewers Easier.  

Press Play To See The Wizards 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this for Mac and PCs? A: Yup. Come one. Come All. It's a web-based tool so you can access it from anywhere, anytime.  

Q: Can My VA use the tool? A: Yes, your Virtual Assistant can use the tool to do the reviewer work for you. Our pro version has done for you Virtual Assistant Training so you don’t need to lift a finger with any of your own training!  

Q: Does this work for both fiction and non-fiction? A: Yes Absolutely! You can find reviewers for any book and that means both fiction and non-fiction.  

Q: Is this against Amazon's Terms of Service? A: No - This data is public on Amazon for anyone to see. The software is just finding those people faster for you and giving you the upper hand so you don't have to compile this data manually. This process would take you forever.  

Q: Does training come with the tool? A: Yes - there is complete training plus some additional training on getting more reviews. There's even additional training on how you can make money with Book Review Targeter above and beyond just getting more reviews! This training coupled with the tool is worth well over $997. We also have a FAQ section that is 3+ years of content from questions that always come up. Most likely all your questions are already answered inside.  

Q: How do I deliver my book to reviewers?
A: I show you that inside...what are you waiting for?

Q. Are Email Addresses Available? A: Since Amazon stopped showing email addresses back in 2017, we don't provide those anymore. However, the true value of the program is to get your next 5 reviews which can easily be done by contacting reviewers through their social platforms and websites (and sometimes email). We also have the new social template wizard that makes contacting very simple and fast! 

Q: Can you guarantee Social links and websites will be on Amazon forever A: Unfortunately we can't control what Amazon shows. We can't guarantee anything in life. We will do our best to provide the information while Amazon makes this information public to us. At the time you are reading this on the page, Amazon is still showing this data for us to provide to you.  

Q: Is there a refund policy? A: The refund policy is there are no refunds. We promise to deliver reviewers contact data in the form of websites and social links. This data is sensitive data and we charge for it. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you won't be billed again..

Q: Do you guarantee reviews? A: Book Review Targeter processes data. We can guarantee we will give you data. The author needs to have the right things in place in order to get the attention of reviewers like: a good outreach strategy, a GREAT book that meets the needs of the target audience, a compelling cover and description. This is what sells books and this is what gets reviews. The training included with Book Review Targeter will help you become a successful author and do all of these things listed above in the proper way to make more book sales. 

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P.S. This is the best way to get more reviews. You would be crazy to do this manually! Have Book Review Targeter do the searching for you!  

 P.P.S You are well on your way to getting highly targeted reviewers for your books without begging friends and family! This means more book sales in your future! Take action now!  

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